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Glimpses of the Infinite - Impressions of Hilma Af Klint

Have you ever had the experience of complete freedom, total trust and flow? In these moments, whether you were gazing at sunrise or listened to a spiritual teacher or simply looked at the art, it seemed like the whole world disappeared, yet you felt totally one and present with everything. It was a taste of your own true nature.

Magical moment, Carmel-by-the-Sea, 2017

Such moments are precious and rare. Yet, if we remain totally open to it, it can take us all in more and more often. Living from that space is Grace.

These glimpses give us the snapshot of who we really are that we cannot forget. Yet sometimes we disregard them as naïve and dreamy as though there are more important things to focus on.

Such experiences I have when the Source seem to open the veil into the Unknown which penetrates current reality of time and space leaving me struck in awe.

Such moments I have with the works of art. Some of them have greater capacity to "take you all in" and open the door into the Beyond.

It is as if the Artist himself stepped into the Timeless while creating the work of art being a pure channel for the Divine to come through. So then we all sense, "taste and smell" the Invisible realm undeniably.

Claude Monet - "Fisherman's Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville",1882

It is this moments of Infinite while gazing at the works of Claud Monet and Van Gogh called me in to become an artist. I felt the sense of something so familiar and yet unknown. I was terrified, but still so pulled to pursue this path. It is as if we are like a moth that desires the fire the most, yet terrified of it, because it will mean death. In my case it was ego-death.

Whole my life I was "gathering" such moments of experiencing the Infinite into my "treasure bag". I felt these moments also while being in certain places like Sagrada De Familia in Spain, St. Peter's Cathedral in Vatican, as well as being at the ocean front, in some mysterious places like Isle of Skye in Scotland and also looking at the works of Salvador Dali.

Isle of Skye, 2017, personal archive

And my new discovery I wanna share with you is the fantastic artworks of Hilma Af Klint.

Hilma is a fairly new discovered artist by the public, yet she was living a century ago (1862-1944). She is now considered to be the first abstract artist ever as she started creating her abstract works a few years before V. Kandinsky who was known to be the first abstract artist by art historians. Now not only art history books need to be rewritten to include her name, but also spirituality as a source of artist's inspiration needs to be added to the traditional art system, as for many many years a relation of art to spirituality was denied.

Photo from my visit to Hilma Af Klint exhibition

Hilma Af Klint was a traditional Swedish painter making a living from her portraits and landscapes. She also had an interest in spirituality, mediumship, the nature of the universe and mysteries of the Unseen. In 1907 she started creating her first channeled from Spirit abstract works which would be a beginning of "Paintings for the Temple" series. Hilma expressed that these paintings were "commissioned" by her spirit guide to her as her life's work.

In total there are 193 paintings in the "Paintings for the Temple" series. In these artworks there are mysterious symbols, the dance between the polarities and oneness, sacred geometry that can be found in micro and macro cosmos, which all dance and sing together in unison to create an energetic transmission, express a universal language that we all understand with something deeper within.

I have experienced 10 of the Largest Paintings of Hilma Af Klint just recently in the exhibition in Moderna Museet in Stockholm. That was a mysterious experience hard to describe.

Photo from my visit to Hilma Af Klint exhibition in Stockholm

Once, I went into the room with all these monumental paintings tears started falling from some indescribable recognition of something so familiar. Rational mind was silent and I felt in total awe of what I felt from being in front of these paintings. I could hear the music that each painting emanate and vibrations were so high high, yet so familiar. I felt some energetic transmission was going on.

It's interesting to add that interest to Hilma's works is so huge considering she was fairly unknown just recently. The reason for that is that Hilma was working on all these paintings in secret from public for many years and have shown them to only few close people. Before dying she asked her nephew to preserve all her artworks and to not show them to public at least for 20 years after her death. She felt that the world was not ready for the gift and meaning of what these paintings have to bring and convey.

And so she was not only ahead of her times, she also had to tame her ego and work selflessly for her life's calling without the need for recognition and fame.

Now over a million people saw her paintings live as they traveled around the world.

And I urge you to look up her paintings online or in person.

Savor these moments of no-space-no-time and remember, there is a way of living when everything is magic! I choose to live tike that, with an open heart and eyes of wonder.

So much love,

Anna Sun

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