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Soul Activation custom painting

My Love…

Together we can open the doors to your innermost self, to your true being

Will will find those keys that will open your heart and allow the soul to come in and enter your body, be embodied so you can live and experience life as your Highest Self.

Together I invite you to co-create with me and the Divine and receive the custom channeled painting of your True Self, of your highest potential that will serve as a reminder, as an activator, as a mirror to your Soul, so you can say by day soak in those energy fields emanating from your own personal “Soul Activation” painting that will work on you without you even noticing, that will inspire you to make aligned choices.

The painting will be a surprise for you. But first, we will have a healing and activation session together as well as you will receive the tools to tap into your true being.

This will be not only a co-creation of a beautiful original artwork, but also a whole journey towards your Self

All my love to you!

And if you feel the nudging calling, you can read more about it below here and if you have any questions, don't hesistate to us via

What is a Soul Activation painting?

Soul Activation custom painting is a channeled from the higher dimensions visions and symbols that contain potent healing energy that is destined exactly for you, your soul to help you integrate your divine being in this lifetime, come back to who you truly are, your Highest Self and align your energy and body with your Soul.

In simple words it is a commissioned painting, which will remain a mystery for you, but it will be the best match for your energy and soul and will change your life. It will work like a mirror to your Soul and a doorway to your Heart.

And so is Soul activation painting hold a very unique set of energetic qualities that are attuned specifically for you to activate your highest potential, your divine blueprint and qualities of your soul within this physical body.

How do I work?

I am a channel for Divine and we will co-create together with the Source for the highest good. I intuitively receive visions, messages, symbols that are destined for you and will depict and activate your True Self.

What's included?

- One-of-a-kind original painting channeled for you that will be a reminder of who you truly are. It will be bringing you back "Home" every time you come in contact with it. It will shift your vibration to alignment with your Highest Self, who you truly are

- Soul Activation zoom session

- An Intuitive reading - a channeled messages from your Highest Self and Source

- A channeled poem - to activate integrate the keys within the painting


Painting comes together with certificate of authenticity, shipped to your door, ready to hang.

What is the size of the painting?

You can choose between medium size and large painting 60x80 cm (approx 24"x32") or 80x100 cm (approx. 32"x36")

For custom size options, contact us via

Which material do I use?

I use high quality artist grade professional materials. Painting will be done in mixed media style with a lush and juicy layer of oil colors on top. Painting will be varnished and protected for many years to come and will be delivered "ready to hang".

What is needed from you?

Your openness and trust, desire to grow into your most authentic Self


.What does the process look like?

Once you booked a "Soul Activation" painting, you will receive an email from me with an invitation to this journey and together we will book a Zoom session where I will guide you  through  a sacred Soul Activation journey where you will remember and activate your True Self. 

Afterwards you will receive a Self-inquiry journaling prompts to seal down what has come through and been activated and you will answer some questions that you'll share with me that will help in the creative visionary process. 

After I receive your answers, the creative journey will begin. 


How long does it take? 

It may take up to 6-8 weeks to create a painting once the form with your answers has been received.

When painting is ready, I will share a photo of it with, so you can start receiving energies and activations together with Intuitive reading. Delivery of the painting takes 5-10 business days depending on the shipping carrier. 

How much does it cost?

Energetic exchange for this work is:

- 60x80cm painting - 15555 SEK (approx. 1503 USD/1412 EUR) including shipping.

- 80x100cm painting - 25555 SEK (approx. 2400 USD/2225 EUR) including shipping.

Please note:

I, as an artist, keep all the copyrights for the artwork, meaning I have full rights to do reproductions, sell prints, showcase in my portfolio, etc. 

I am so looking forward to create the most magical uplifting, inspiring and healing painting for you. Are you ready for this journey to dive deep with me? Let's go! <3


Still have questions? Let's connect! Contact me and we can schedule a zoom meeting to talk about all the details. Much love!

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