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So many times I would intuitively paint something and it would actually become a reality.

Art has a way of prophesying the future.

We are given the dreams by God, because this is our destiny to create and manifest something beautiful in the world, something that reflects and expresses the Divine.  

Our job is to keep our hearts pure so we can stay connected and hear the whispers of 

God becomes visible when it manifests through us and this world and the more we are aligned and in tune with our Hearts and the whole Creation, the more fine tuned our reality becomes to the highest. 

Sacred Envisioning Process invites you to dream and dream big, dream from your Heart and your Highest Self.

In this process you will remember that you are a Creator, that you have God-given power, imagination and creativity to create your Life. You will become a Dreamer by connecting to your Heart through a guided meditation you will receive a vision that is the highest for you to create or bring into existence. 


What to expect:
  • Envisioning process - connect with your deepest and truest hearts longing and get clear what you would like to create in your life

  • Embodiment process  - receive the activation and downloads to become that expanded version of you that is already living your dream reality 

  • Creation process - tap into your infinite potential and reaffirm your new reality with the original channeled painting created just for you of your Dream come true 


What’s included:

 Envision your Dream sacred journey - guided meditation (recording) + pdf

 Embodiment Activation (recording)

 Original custom “Manifest Your Dream” painting 

 “Manifest Your Dream” journal 

Book directly below by placing an order or jump on 1:1 call with me to see if it is for you! 

This artwork can be placed on your altar or next to your bed, sby connecting to it day by day you will activate and integrate those parts of you that ARE already living that reality.

Remember, you are a CREATOR. 

So let's create a beautiful reality ;)

I Can't Wait To Welcome You on This Journey and Paint Your DREAM COME TRUE! 

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