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YOUniq is a 1:1 sacred container for you to find your own unique self-expression by embodying fully your true essence creating life of fulfilment, joy and greatness with ease, grace and love

It is a journey of self-love, self-discovery and self-expression. 

In this course we are going deep into the core of our being, discovering who we are on a soul level, beyond limiting beliefs and stories, wounds, we are tapping into the Source of who we are and our highest potential, activating the truth of our being, the sacred heart, as well as all of our gifts we came here to bring and embody and share with the world living in reality with no fear and stepping into our greatness. 

Ultimately, what terrifies us is not our failures, but the fear of our greatness, of success, of taking responsibility for the gifts and power that we have within. Essentially, we don't believe that we are worthy of those gifts and are afraid of our power, because we don't trust we can take care of it in a good way, we don't love ourselves unconditionally because we were never loved unconditionally by our parents, society, which has created wounds that we believe are a part of who we are. So we subconsciously reject our gifts, possibility of a greater, more authentic, more fulfilling life. We reduce our capacity and energy by worrying and anxiety to hold that power of who we essentially are. 

My love, this will be a sacred space, sacred container of unconditional love, full safety and trust where you will open your heart and blossom with your true nature, discovering your natural talents, gifts, pleasures, tastes. We will graciously heal and clear those lies that we once believed in and amplify the truth of who we are with joy, ease and love. 

We will work with the embodiment of our true essence on a deep cellular level, soul level, have multiple initiations, activations, energy work. We will go in in order to bring more of who we are out into the world through our presence, gifts, expressions. And ultimately, we will rewire our body, mind and soul to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, which will lead to more ease, pleasure, calmness, fulfilment, authenticity, abundance and love in our lives. 

Sessions topics:

  1. Initiation into the Highest path. Soul Activation and remembrance. Connect to your Intuition.

  2. Heart Activation. Radical self-acceptance and unconditional love. Body-love and regulating the nervous system. Cells are listening. 

  3. Go into the Void. Nothingness. Surrender. Vedantic approach. Quantum field. You are safe in the unknown. Chakra activation and healing.

  4. Divine masculine. Connect to Source. Embody the masculine. Creating a safe structure for your life. Father Wound. King energy

  5. Divine feminine. Connect to the waters within and without. Grounding. Shakti and goddess energy activation. Mother Wound. Queen energy

  6. DNA Activation. Embodying the Divine Union. Divine ancestors blueprint. Living the Heaven on Earth 

  7. Soul retrieval. Buried gifts. Past lives. Remembering who you are. Timelessness. Everythingness. Tantric approach. Fall in love with life. Oneness

  8. Unleash your inner child, unique self-expression and unique divine blueprint. Remember your gifts and passion. Creativity, pleasure, play, joy activation

  9. Highest self activation and embodiment. Living in everyday life from the heart, love, highest self. (The highest self is not a separate entity, it is you making choices from love, from the heart and not from fear and know you are unconditionally loved. )

  10. Highest path activation. Step into your purpose and soul mission. Listening. Co-creation with the Divine.

  11. Rewriting your story. Tools when facing roadblocks. Self-mastery and awareness. Being the Creator of your Life.

  12. Celebration. Sisterhood connection. Queendom. Living your greatness. Leadership from the heart.


Please note that topics are approximate and the whole course will be intuitively channeled for the participants and energetics of the group, so there can be changes. 


12 healing, coaching and activation sessions (90 mins each) throughout 6 months

Support over Telegram chat throughout this time

Extra recorded channeled messages, meditations, pdfs to integrate work if guided

The program is created, channeled specifically for you and your needs no matter where you are in your journey

We start when you are ready

There is no other time than NOW

Embodiment is the key to live our truth and make lasting changes. We will be changing deep unconscious patterns, healing the wounds, creating safety in the body and nervous system to hold more energy, do powerful energy work, somatic movements, breathing practices. 

We will remember the playfulness of life, awaken curiosity, pleasure, passion and creativity. 

We will paint intuitively, dance intuitively, write intuitive poetry along with deep inner work.

Connection, safety, truth, radical acceptance and unconditional love are the core values for our sisterhood circle, so we can all be all of who we are.

This course is for you if:

  • life feels flat, uninspiring, stressful and dull, like you are running in the circle and chasing your own tail

  • you are missing the juice of life, you have forgotten how simple and pleasurable life can be

  • you have lost yourself along the way in the daily life, parenting, relationship, career, you long for more balance in your life

  • you always felt there is something more to life, greater meaning and purpose, like you were meant to do big things, but you are not sure what

  • you've burned out, lost track of where you are going, you are lacking the vision for your life that would feel true and authentic to you

  • you simply can't hear the voice of your soul and intuition, you've lost yourself in the noise of the world and expectations of other

  • you have a dream, but hesitate to take responsibility and jump into the unknown

  • you lack the structure for your vision or too afraid to follow your dream

  • you've been on a spiritual path, but now wish to embody more and implement it in daily life (bring spirit into matter)

  • you've been too stuck in a material world and wish to connect deeper with the spiritual (bring matter into spirit)

  • you long for the fulfilment and happiness that doesn't depend on external things, but comes from your Being

  • you wish to feel more radiant and confident, glowing from within with natural power and grace

  • you wish to activate and embody your Highest Self and walk the path of your destiny

  • you wish to learn tools for self-mastery and changing subconscious beliefs and patterns, wanna know how to create life on your terms that feels unconditionally loving, authentic and life-giving and benefits the whole

Meet your guide Anna Sun...

anna sun.jpeg

Anna is a visionary, an artist, a healer, a mystic and just a woman, who remembered her soul's calling and gifts that she is meant to share with others and the world. She's been on a spiritual path for  over 11 years with countless courses, retreats, hours and hours of contemplation, meditation, self-exploration. Anna is a full time artist, a certified yoga teacher, soon-to-be-certified coach, healer, channeller and energy therapist. She's been holding private 1:1 coaching and healing sessions, doing intuitive readings, soul activation journeys, teaching yoga, meditation and breathwork, as well as sharing her healing gifts through her artworks that are owned all over the world. 

What others say:

"Anna helped me to rediscover the Goddess in me and I am so much more kinder to myself now. She showed me the unconditional love that I am and helped me to heal my wounds about the masculine gender."

She is so soft and yet so strong, I love those characteristics. And she
is just flow, so kind and so gentle. And so powerful. I would just say 'Go to her', she is amazing and so powerful. And I would recommend Anna to anyone who is on a spiritual Journey. I think her loving presence makes it so easy to surrender and to let go."

"Anna has one of the biggest hearts that I have ever seen. And it was very easy for me to feel safe with her, she held me and at the same time she allowed me to feel my own power. And that created the shift, the fact that she with her big heart made me feel comfortable enough to be in my truth and see my own

"Anna's reading was spot on.

Everything she mentioned was things I was already experiencing or had a feeling was to come.

Her way of expressing the messages was beautiful, loving and artful. 

I got the impression that her channel is clean and the messages flow through easily. I never felt judged. "

Are you ready to take the leap?...

Sign up for a Discovery Call below so we can connect and feel in if we are a great match and I will answer your questions!

All work will be created and channeled just for you and your needs

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