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What is artist's journey?

“The picture is in the mind of the painter and the painter is in the picture, which is in the mind of the painter who is in the picture” - from “I am That” by S. N. Maharaj

What is this art journey all about?

It’s about following one’s heart

It’s not about how successful we are

It’s about how kind we are

It’s about how much we give

And how much we love

It’s about community over competition

It’s about Love over fear

it ‘s about our Heart and not our mind

It’s about egoless Self love

It’s not about holding onto possessions

It’s about opening our arms to give more

It’s about surrendering

And devotion to the Supreme

And the Lifeforce itself

It’s not about how far we go

It’s about how much we love

And how deeply we connect

We all are the artists, creators

Who create our own reality

Together we create the world of Love

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