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Live with an open Heart

To live with open heart one needs to have a courage.

A courage to stay open no matter how much it hurts.

It is a deep spiritual practice and a self-discovery

When one chooses to live from the heart.

At first, it is like peeling an onion

Taking off all that stuff that is obtained,

That is not ours and doesn't serve us anymore.

This stage is the messiest.

And most uncomfortable.

Because you get to meet the demons

That was living in you and ruling your life.

But the good news is - it is not you.

Not really who you are.

And the pain is illusionary.

But you'll see it only after.

Only then you'll recognize that it is the ego itself

Was fighting for its life.

Was threatened by the Light of your Soul.

At this stage it is very easy to fall back into the old regimes

And patterns of behavior.

Because we are still identified with the illusion

That the ego is who we are.

All that suffering arises from the attachment to the idea

Of who we think we are.

But as soon as we release and let it all go

The spaciousness of pure presence

Shines through the clouds of the ego.

And we, maybe for the first time,

Are able to perceive the world as it is.

Only after transcending mind and ego

And understanding what essentially we are,

We can truly be open.

We can truly be loving.

We start to find ourselves not separate anymore

From other forms

But see everything

As One...

One orchestrated play of the same Self.

So it takes a courage to go through

The valleys of the shadow of death

With an open heart

To meet the Light from within

Which is Timeless




And resides within

And beyond

Each of us

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