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Heal the world with your love

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Love everything and everyone.

Is it possible?

Love everything you are aware of:

the good and the evil,

suffering and pleasure,

beauty and ugliness,

animate and inanimate objects...

everything, including yourself,

your own craziness and inadequacies,

desires and shame..

Could you?..

At least for a second imagine that this is possible?

Not for the ego though.

Not for the mind that is constantly labeling and judging,

striving for perfection, never ending chatterer and journeyer.

Not for the ego,

But for the heart.

For the beingness that you are.

If you stop and just leave aside all mind stuff

and simply be.. empty of thoughts

There is a infinite space in the center of your chest -

your Soul.

That is always loving.

Loving everything including this judging mind.

That love is always present in us.

It is our presence.

It is all that is now.

No need to imagine this,

Simply tune your attention within

To the center of your heart.

That love is what we are.

Loving presence

Loving universe

Loving awareness.


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