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Finding your element and living it

It's never too late to start living your dream. You don't owe your life to anyone.

It's only yours. Life is only you.

So, if you feel you were born to do something else than you normally do - go for it.

This little voice of your soul, it is always within you, whispering, guiding you home.

But we are too busy and loud to recognize it.

What did you like to do when you were a child? What sparks your joy?

What is the meaning of life if we never pursue our calling..

What would you regret the most on a death bed?

That you haven't loved enough and did what you love.

Love is essential meaning of our life.

So whatever brings you the feeling of love, it is a doorway to your soul.

To your infinite heart which always loves, always supremely happy.

I loved to create since I remember myself. Loved to close myself in my little room, be undisturbed and paint, draw, create crafts.

Later as I grew up, social conditioning, voices of adults and other painful stories taught me that life is hard and i need to do something for living, something that is quiet prestigious and pays off good money.

In a country I am from, it is quiet a hassle to become financially independent and get out of poverty.

So, my soul chose this way for a reason - to study, get a job and earn a living to finally be able to do what I truly love.

And now, two decades later, I again sit in my not so little now room and create, create, create...

The feeling of joy is overflowing me.

Art is my way back Home. To God within. To myself.

It is my little gateway from where I discover that I love everything. Everything, even that which I thought I don't love.

It is a mystery, but surely is a reality too.

When journey to God finishes, a journey in God begins.

I wish you to discover and live your element.

Be happy and free, my love.

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