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Soul Activation custom painting

Soul Activation custom painting

Soul Activation painting is a channeled visions and symbols that contain potent healing energy that is destined exactly for you, your soul to help you integrate your divine being in this lifetime, come back to who you truly are, your Highest Self and align your energy and body with your Soul.


In simple words it is a commissioned painting, which will remain a mystery for you, but it will be the best match for your energy and soul and will change your life.


Soul Activation journey is more than just art. It is integration of every part of you, of who you came here to be - whole, complete and perfect. 


Soul Activation painting is a mirror of you Highest Self


Please read more about it here:


You will receive:

- A personal Soul Activation one-of-a-kind original painting 

- Soul Activation recorded meditation 

- Soul Activation self-inquiry with journaling prompts (pdf)

- Intuitive poem, interpretation of the painting

- Soul Activation 1:1 session (included only into the package with XL and XXL paintings)

There are two options for the size:

  • Medium: 60x80 cm (approx 24" x 31,5");
  • Large: 80x100 cm (31,5" x 40") - includes extra 1:1 Soul Activation private session
  • Extra Large: 100x120 cm (40" x 47") - includes extra 1:1 Soul Activation private session
  • XXL: 100x150 cm (40" x 59") - includes extra 1:1 Soul Activation private session
  • XXXL: 120x150 (47" x 59") - includes extra 1:1 Soul Activation private session


If you'd like to have a specific size, contact us before via




International shipping is included. Larger paintings will be shipped in a roll for a safe delivery (will require restretching in your local framer).



  • After placing the order you will receive a welcome email with invitation to book a Soul Activation 1:1 call (for larger painting options), link to a recorded Soul Activation meditation and Soul inquiry pdf 
  • After listening to the activation you will go through a Soul Inquiry pdf, contemplating questions and connecting to yourself deeper. You'll journal and share with me the answers to your questions, based on which I'll channel a vision
  • I will start envisioning your Soul Activation painting and creating a design for it. You can choose to see each step of the process or let it be a complete surprise and mystery for you. 
  • After painting is complete, I will lovingly varnish and prepare it for the shipping.
  • You will also receive an Intuitive channled activation poem that comes with the paitning that will help to integrate deeper
  • Painting will be sent to your door together with a printed intuitive poem, certificate of authenticity and hand-written love letter
  • It may take up to 4-6 weeks to complete your Soul Activation painting after answers from you received
  • You can request to have a digital version of the painting to use as a wallpaper for your screen and such together with a digital version of the intuitive poem


There are no returns or refunds on Soul Activation paintings.



Please note that Anna owns a copyright of the painting and it cannot be used for any other than personal purposes. Anna has the rights to create reproductions, prints, etc of the painting and display it online. This is a great way to shine your light and share the gifts of your soul with the world. If you have any questions or concerts, please don't hesistate to conact us. 

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