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Be the Love (1980 × 1000px).png

My Love... there is no need to hide

Come and be as you are

Reveal your natural shine...

Allow the beauty of your soul to raise 

Life wants to express itself through you

Fully... unapologetically...

Love is what you are

Dear beautiful Soul...

Would you like to be closer to yourself? 

To feel more enlivened, more  empowered, more whole, more authentic, more you?

Would you love to feel more home in your skin, more in love with yourself and life?

This offering arose spontaneously in my soul to offer a special custom intuitive "Self-Love" painting which would radiate and express the beauty of who-you-are, of your true self and remind you of your natural shine, your gifts and highest potential.

It will Serve as a mirror to your soul always calling you back to Love... 


This painting will be a devotion to your True Self, the Love that you are. 

You will send me a few photos (portrait or full body) where you feel your most authentic self and add a few words about yourself (who you are, what you love, what you wish to embody more) as well as any other wishes you want me to include into the painting and the rest will be a mystery and a surprise to you. I will tune in and feel what wants to come through to enhance the beauty of who you are showing the fullness of your expression that will always remind you of your beautiful soul and the Love that you are.


I will also infuse each painting with loving and healing energies. 


And finally, as a gift you will also receive a loving channeled message/poem created for your beautiful being that comes along with the painting. 


I can't wait to take you on this loving sweet and mysterious journey to Love!  

Self-Love custom painting

Shipping and delivery time:

  • Free worldwide shipping

  • artwork on paper:

    •  it takes 1-2 weeks to create a painting since receiving all info

    • shipped in a roll

    • shipping time vary from country to country, allow up to 2 weeks

  • artwork on canvas

    • it may take 1-4 weeks to produce the painting depending on the size and availability after receiving all info 

    • shipped in a box

    • shipping time vary, allow up to 2 weeks 


  1. Please send a good quality photos of you (or the one to whom this painting is destined for) where you feel your most authentic self to - either portraits or full body image. I will choose one photo and the rest will be a mystery and surprise for you. 

  2. Also, please write a few sentences about yourself (or the one to whom this painting is destined for) - what you like, when you feel most happy, which qualities you wish to embody more. 

  3. Add any other wishes (optional) - favourite color palette, any symbol you wish me to include or any specific message or request. 

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