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Poetry in motion II

Poetry in motion II

Abstract collection "Poetry in motion" was inspired by a classical music of composer Max Richter, poetry of Rumi and that unexplainable sense of beauty it evoke in me that got expressed on canvas with very definitive brushstrokes, textures and dynamic movement.  It has a beautifulnatural color palette and would beautifully enchance and highlight and contemporary interior design.


Each brushstroke is an energetic record of the moment it was made. It's energy recorded in time. It expresses the feeling of no-time-no-space, the state I was in while painting. Many hundreds years from now our ancestors will look at these paintings and feel what I felt when was creating them.


Size: 60x80cm

Materials: Oil on canvas

Year: 2022


Each artwork is a one-of-a-kind original painting

Comes with a certificate of authenticity

Ready to hang

Free worldwide shipping 


All prices are in Swedish crowns, please use currency converter


Abstract art is a really beautiful way to connect to something beyond our thinking mind as our attention finds no familiar object and rests in itself instead. Our nature is being reflected back at us.

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