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I am a force of nature 

I don’t come on tip toes

Many fear me

Others worship me

Yet I am beyond the grasp 

I come with a gentle breeze 

As a silent whisper of your heart

I come with rain and thunder

To wash away what’s not serving highest

I have no name

And no location 

You are me

And I am in you

The magic and the glory 

Of incomprehensible power, love and beauty 

I am Truth

I am Light

I am Darkness too

I am the Void

And the Manifestation 

How can you conceive all that I am?

Retrieve into the silent garden of your heart

There you’ll find me

More than a thousand words 

worth this silence

Blessed are those

Who are brave enough 

To step into the wholeness 

Of their being

There they are kissed from within 



  • Original one of a kind painting by Anna Sun 
  • 120x100 cm Mixed media and oil on gallery wrapped canvas
  • 2024 
  • International shipping
  • Shipps in a roll (unless picked up)
    45 000,00 krPrice
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