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God is here

God is here

Can you see God here?

There is a mystery in the sky and the earth, in the seer and the seen.

Noone has seen God,

But God is everywhere.

We all had these transcendental moments when reality feels surreal, moments when we feel one with everything.

In fact, we feel there is only One.

I get these glimpses very often when I'm looking at the beautiful sunrise or sunset and landscape.

And so nature is very much associated with God's presence to me.

There is something Divine when we escape our daily world and routine and our mind stops in awe to admire such view.

These moments are beyond time and space and they feel like they are the only reality there is...


60x80cm (24x31 inches)

mixed media and oil on canvas



Painting has a beautiful texture - a little extra nice thing when being admire from close distance :) 

Artwork comes right to your doors, ready to hang, varnished and protected for many years to come and with certificate of authenticity!

Shipping is free of charge.


788 USD/ 721 EUR (check current exchange rate) 


    7 770,00 krPrice
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