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Follow your North Star

Follow your North Star

Who does also feel connected to the wolves? Or perhaps it’s your spirit animal? In any case we have a lot to learn from these noble and wise creatures.

In this painting the wolf has a spiritual meaning, someone to look up to, ask for guidance and support. He represents a higher sprit or a teacher that helps you to stay on the path of strength and courage, on the path of truth and the heart.

Everyone has a gift, a purpose that’s their quest to discover and share with the world. It’s not the easy task to do, you need to be brave and strong, willing to go through the shadows to the light, through times when no one else has answers, but you.

If this painting is speaking to you, it has many mysteries to reveal to you, as well as strength and courage within your soul.

With Love, Anna Sun


52x46cm, oil on canvas, 2021

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