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"You are the whole ocean.

You are the endless sky.

Be free, my friend

And fly"


There is something about the sea and the ocean that I feel since early childhood attracted to, which is so magnetic, but also very mysterious.

I remember gazing over the infinite horizon felt so calming and soothing that at one moment I couldn’t find myself.
I was not separate from it. I was the whole - the sky and the ocean, horizon and the gazing itself. (Isn’t it what we all really are?)
This endless feeling of weightlessness and lightness, but also expansion and infinite space, that felt almost like enlightenment - I remember finding myself in over and over again while being next to the “big waters”.
And so, this painting is representation of that feeling, that is why it is called “Flying”.


30x30, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

    1 700,00 krPrice
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