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Flow of Abundance

Flow of Abundance

The flow of abundance is a very high frequency energy and it includes not only money, but all gifts and blessings of the universe and it is the same kind of energy as love. It is like a stream of clear water, always flowing, moving, always pure. It wants to be moved. It wants to serve and bring all good things. It is love of the universe towards everyone and everyone has unlimited potential to be abundant and have whatever they can dream to have. The universe is very caring and generous and our material things is not such a big thing for it to manifest. Imagine, galaxies are always expanding, stars are being created, there is infinite amount of planets and here we are, think that we are not deserving of some extra money or a nice house? All comes down to understanding what is beyond all these things and what is beyond physical you. If we understood that everything is energy and moreover it is vibrating on a high frequency unless we block it, we would live in the most blissful and joyful world.


50x70 cm

Acrylic on stretched high quality canvas


Interest-free payment plans are available - email me for more info.

    3 000,00 kr Regular Price
    2 220,00 krSale Price
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