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About Anna Sun

Hello, Dear people!

I am so happy you are here!

I've created this space as a place of love, warmth, appreciation of life and of course art!

I hope you will enjoy it and find something nourishing for your soul.

I will tell you a little bit about my story...


I am an intuitive artist based in Sweden, working with what feels right and free for me, mostly with abstract and abstract realism styles. I have a curious mind, like to challenge myself and develop my skills, but what most important for me is to communicate truth. I like to paint everything that symbolises life, harmony, joy, source of creation and sacred feminine energy. I use my intuition to sense, get visions, messages from the Soul to express the truth of my Heart in the form of art.


I love nature, animals, our planet and finding everything to be connected. I love the Sun as it is a symbol of Light and I believe everyone inside has his own little Sun, the guiding star of the Heart. I am a vegan and yoga teacher. I do enjoy quiet time with myself, meditation, contemplation, connecting with my Soul, love to read books and to write too. I wish to bring healing to others, awakening and helping to discover who they truly are. I sense more than others and have a strong intuition, so I had to find a balanced way of living for myself.

I was always creative, painting and creating crafts since I was a child, but seriously stepped on the Path of Artist in 2016 as a response to my long soul's longing. 

I grew up in Ukraine, life wasn't always easy there, but I developed a positive approach to life and many other talents along the way. I always have had a thirst for self-discovery and growth, which led me through many transformational life journeys.

There has always been a deep urge inside my Heart to discover who I am and what I want to bring to this World. The Voice that led me on the path has never betrayed me. It guided me to the place where I am now, feeling at peace, feeling Home. I found home inside my heart first, and then physical "home" followed.

I am a big Dreamer, I do believe in the goodness of all people. I see the Light in everything. Even when challenging moments happen, the light within, I know, will lead me to the Light without. That's what I wanna share with you my dear people through the voice of my art. I wish everyone to get in touch with the Light of the World within themselves, get reminded that it is always there.

I used to dance professionally and perform, gained a master degree in economic cybernetics, because at that time it was a way to gain financial independence for me, so I've built a successful career in IT world, but it never satisfied the thirst inside my Soul. I traveled solo around the globe, became a yoga instructor, started teaching yoga, but my soul always knew that I wanted to paint.


I've visited many famous art museums and galleries all over the world and saw countless masterpieces. I was drawn to the art with my whole being. That's how my "remembering" was slowly happening and my being was slowly melting into it, merging with forgotten pieces of my Soul. There was a knowing - "I must paint". 

My mind was terrified and excited at the same time - paint, create, but how? I haven't gotten any art education in my life and I wasn't at a place where I could dedicate another decade for studying. Fear and doubt were perpetuating, but I knew there was almost no choice for me to not paint. My resistance to begin was so unbearable, so it was easier to start than to keep feeling these strong uncomfortable feelings of resistance. 

And so it began. I started drawing and making pictures of other pictures just to give it a try and to "exercise my muscles". The process was so satisfying that I could forget everything - time, space and to eat. So at least for the sake of enjoying the process I kept doing it. But the Voice inside pushed me forward and wasn't satisfied with me playing small. Somehow I knew that I am destined to paint masterpieces and really affect the world in a meaningful way, but at that point I couldn't see it possible. 


My trust and intuition led me to take art classes to learn more. But the biggest breakthrough and freedom I experienced  when I started taking classes from an incredible artist Asror Muradov. My illusions fade away and I could let myself to create freely what my soul was telling me. Asror reassured me that I have a talent and the biggest gift I already have and it cannot be given by any art school, so what I need to do is to throw myself into the Unknown and just paint. And I did.

I started creating madly days and nights on my own, allowing the Vision to lead me. No more teachers, mo more assisting pictures, no more ideas of others. Pure flow. I was called to tap into the Space within. Be silent. And listen. And trust trust trust. Experimenting with different techniques, colours. When something wasn't working out (as my mind was saying), it actually appeared in the end as ones of my best creations. And slowly I developed confidence in my art, or more importantly - with my Soul. I started to trust the feeling inside and that became my biggest compass in life that helped me to navigate through fears, uncertainties, challenges with Grace, Ease, Joy.

I no longer doubt. Neither I believe. There is a knowing that art that flows through me is of the highest form of Truth.

And I am deeply honoured and grateful for this gift. I do know that paintings are born not out of me, they are out of Higher. I am just a vessel, a communicator of what wants to be expressed in the world of form. 

I invite you to explore my art gallery, listen to your Heart, what it speaks to you. I hope you find at least some inspiration for your Soul. 

Thank you for you!

Much Love,

Anna Sun

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