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"YOUNIQ" - 12 sessions journey of embodiment of your True Self

"YOUNIQ" - 12 sessions journey of embodiment of your True Self


12 one on one sessions + Telegram support

Price: 22220 SEK pay in full or payment plans via Klarna up to 6 months part payment


Payment plan*:

- 3 months - 8880 SEK per month

- 5 months - 5550 SEK per month


By choosing a payment plan you agree to pay all the payments on the due date each following month until the whole amount is paid. 


In this course we are going deep into the core of our being, discovering who we are on a soul level, beyond limiting beliefs and stories, wounds, we are tapping into the Source of who we are and our highest potential, activating the truth of our being, the sacred heart, as well as all of our gifts we came here to bring and embody and share with the world living in reality with no fear. 



  • Initiation into the Highest path. Soul Activation and remembrance. Connect to your Intuition.

  • Heart Activation. Radical self-acceptance and unconditional love. Body-love and regulating the nervous system. Cells are listening. 

  • Go into the Void. Nothingness. Vedantic approach. Quantum field. You are safe in the unknown. Chakra activation and healing.

  • Divine masculine. Connect to Source. Embody the masculine. Creating a safe structure for your life. Father Wound. King energy

  • Divine feminine. Connect to the waters within and without. Grounding. Shakti and goddesses activation. Mother Wound. Queen energy

  • DNA Activation. Embodying the Divine Union. Divine ancestors blueprint. Living the Heaven on Earth 

  • Soul retrieval. Buried gifts. Past lives. Remembering who you are. Timelessness. Everythingness. Tantric approach. Fall in love with life. Oneness

  • Unleash your inner child, unique self-expression and unique divine blueprint. Remember your gifts and passion. Creativity, pleasure, play, joy activation

  • Highest self activation and embodiment. Living in everyday life from the heart, love, highest self. (The highest self is not a separate entity, it is you making choices from love, from the heart and not from fear and know you are unconditionally loved. )

  • Highest path activation. Step into your purpose and soul mission. Listening. Co-creation with the Divine. 

  • Rewriting your story. Tools when facing roadblocks. Self-mastery and awareness. Being the Creator of your Life. 

  • Celebration. Sisterhood connection. Queendom. Living your greatness. Leadership from the heart. 


Embodiment practices:

  • Connect to your intuition

  • Intuitive painting

  • Intuitive dancing and poetry writing

  • Somatic yoga movement, 

  • breathing practices, self-massage + talking to your cells

  • Shakti activation and breathing

  • Divine masculine embodiment

  • “Be seen” practice

  • Mirror practice- self-love

  • Father wound practice + forgiveness

  • Mother wound practice + forgiveness



Zoom meetings - 60-120mins 


Please note that topics are approximate and the whole course will be intuitively created for the participants and energetics of the group, so there can be changes. 


Extra channeled messages, insights, meditations might be shared along the course in the Telegram chat if guided.


For any questions, individual payment plans please contact via

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