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You can do anything. If you follow your heart

You can do anything. If you follow your heart

Do you love the ocean like I do? 😍 And also dramatic cliffs and sunsets?
I’ve always felt this combination to be one of the most powerful for me - to see how the edge of the world meets the endless and bottomless ocean. And also to realize how small our problems are in front of these forces.
Even there is storm, there is such a peaceful feeling inside me. I could look forever at this view suddenly not finding myself anymore - as my thoughts completely disappear and I feel I am one with everything.
This artwork reminds about limitless strength and power within us when we unite with our heart. And the sun here is the representation of it.
This painting is inspired by my trips to several places where land ends and ocean opens up and it’s my own interpretation of my feelings. These places have their special place in my heart 💙


50x60 cm

acrylic and oil pastels on stretched canvas

    3 777,00 krPrice
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