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Great strength and power lies within you. Courage boldness, freedom and wisdom 💫❤️ Qualities that are not contaminated by conditioned mind.
You don’t have to become anything… you just have to discover. Allow yourself and everyone/everything else around you just simply to be… as it is.
The natural intelligence of the Universe does all the work. Just allow it to. Do not resist. And you’ll discover the whole universe within you.
Love that transcends everything.
Wisdom that knows what to do in ever moment.
Compassion that doesn’t come from the desire to seem good.
Power that doesn’t want to conquer.
Abundance that doesn’t depend on anything.
All this is already there in you, it takes a slip of a second to recognize and remember that.


100x81 cm (40x36 inches)

mixed media and lush oil on canvas



International shipping: will be shipped in a roll, otherwise please contact us. 


Artwork gets delivered right to your door, free of charge, ready to hang and varnished for many years to come. Certificate of authenticity comes with all original artworks.


Payment plans are available, please contact us at


    16 000,00 kr Regular Price
    8 880,00 krSale Price
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