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Open your heart

Open your heart

We communicate in so many ways beyond verbal and communicating through abstract form of art goes straight to the heart as this language is unknown to the rational mind! 😍


Abstracts are the beautiful way to evoke certain feelings and it allows us to see beyond the tangible, to extract infinite out of the finite.


It allows us to perceive energies and to create our own story seeing every time something new.


It is a pure expression of the unknown.. ✨ There is so much more beyond what we can perceive with our physical eyes!


This new abstract is fresh off the easel and doesn’t have a name yet. I wanted to share it, because I feel how powerful it is.


80x100cm, mixed media and oil on canvas

October 2021

    12 000,00 kr Regular Price
    8 555,00 krSale Price
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