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Price in EUR (approx.): 180 EUR


Surrender to the Ocean of Love

And the whole new world

Of possibilities will open up...


Surrender to the Unknown

Give up your fears and control

Your dreams are on the other side...


When I was a little kid, I really loved to lay down in the water (in the sea or a bathtub), close my eyes and just feel weightless, feel how I don’t have any limits and that I am one with everything.

This feeling I carried with me into adulthood and associate it with surrendering to the Divine, giving up control and relying on God and Higher Power knowing that I will be supported and held.

Here I wanted to capture this peaceful beautiful feeling and absolute trust that all is and will be well when we truly surrender.

When we do, God showers us with gifts and life flows effortlessly✨ To me this is New world, Heaven on Earth.

In the background I wanted to show the mixture of Cosmos and Ocean - these two I associate with unlimited potential, God, Divine Power.

I hope you can feel this blissful feeling too! 💚


Mixed media and oil on canvas

D: 30cm



Artwork comes right to your doors, ready to hang, varnished and protected for many years to come and with certificate of authenticity!

Shipping is free of charge.

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