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Probably, what we are most afraid of is not our fears, but our greatness! We are too attached to our identity and comfort zone that throwing ourselves out there and exploring what's possible scares us to death and shakes our whole being.

Now is not the time for playing small, it is time to wake up and truly embrace our full potential as a co-creator with the Universe. It is time to be brave, live and lead from the heart, follow our dreams, unlock our potentiality and creativity that lies within every one of us. That's how we all can share our gifts with the world that are given to us to be expressed, that's how we can contribute to creating Heaven on Earth - by discovering our true nature and potential.

It takes the courage to stand up and be led by the Higher Power, Divine, the Source of everything, which also lies within all of us. And we have that divine spark that could shine like the sun if not dimmed by our mind's projections and limitations.

This vision came to me in a deep meditation of the current energies in the world during the astrological cosmic event called Lion's Gate portal.

I "saw" a beautiful powerful wise looking lion in the cosmic sky shining like the sun, empowering each of us and reminding us that we all have this potency, this power within to create a new world, Heaven on Earth. It's an aspect of divine masculine energy and symbolizes sovereignty, dignity, inner strength, boldness and abundance.

A part of the vision also is an angel-looking statue of Winged Victory of Samothrace, which symbolizes the divine feminine, victory of the heart and light. This aspect balances out masculine side (portrayed as lion) creating a perfect harmony and union that also exists within everything and everyone.

Peonies symbolize the blooming of our lives that happen once we start to fully own our strength, our gifts and power, when we courageously step on the path of our destiny.

The whole artwork is a celebration of a new beginning, new era that starts with us embracing who we truly are!


Yet, it is open-ended leaving the mystery and magic for your heart and soul to feel which story it wants to tell you. 



Technique and materials: oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Dimensions: 80x60x4 cm

Year: 2021

    9 600,00 krPrice
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