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Remember who you are...

Your soul's whispers know the way

Surrender to the Unknown

Both shadows and light are the part of the One


This painting was and is total mystery to me!!! She was born out of Divine and had to teach me so much. She opened the doors to the Unknown to me and to the Light of my Soul, so I could see, feel and realise the beauty of my being and the purpose I have here with my art. She is about healing, deep transformation, wisdom, beauty, grace and being the light of and in the world. She is about blossom of our true divine nature in this human form. Serpent means healing and shedding the skins, wisdom and transformation. Dove is a symbol of the Divine Spirit, light and hope. And the temple means the temple of our own heart. Our heart is the doorway into the divine! 

This was breakthrough piece for me!


Mixed media and oil on canvas,

60x80cm (24x36 inches)




Artwork gets delivered right to your door, free of charge, ready to hang and varnished for many years to come. Certificate of authenticity comes with all original artworks.

Payment plans are available, please contact us at

    14 000,00 kr Regular Price
    8 880,00 krSale Price
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