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Let's create Magic together!


Together we can create your dream painting. It can be a symbol, an activation, a gift to your soul, a memory of something precious - whatever it is I am here to serve you and bring your visions come to life!


Size and Pricing

First you need to choose the size of the painting that you want. It will affect the price of the painting directly - 3 SEK (0.3 EUR) per squared cm (around 2$ per squared inch).



Think about the idea or vision. It's ok to not have it, we will come up together later when we speak over zoom. Maybe you have a feeling, emotion, energy that you want to manifest and bring into your life. Maybe it's some personal symbols you wanna have visuals of. Or simply you can have an intention and Universe will deliver what you need. If you have any reference photos that's awesome too. If you like particular color, style, any special detail, please mention it too.


Deposit and Confirmation

You pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the price depending on the size. You may add your idea to the notes of the order. After order is complete I'll contact you by email and offer to set up a zoom call to discuss the vision. After our talk I will provide you with the source/sketch of the painting. If you like it, I'll begin to work. 


Process and Completion

I will share with you the process, just so you have an awesome experience and are being involved in the mystery of the creation. After artwork is finished and the rest 50% of the payment is made, painting will be packed with so much love, securely sent to your door with, free of charge, ready to hang, varnished and with certificate of authenticity.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Let's Co-Create Together

I'm really excited to create a special painting just for you!

Begin down below by placing an order.

If you have any questions or not sure about the size and want to have a discussion first, please contact me at

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