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You are a Visionary - Art and Manifestation LIVE Workshop, Sweden

You are a Visionary - Art and Manifestation LIVE Workshop, Sweden

Come and paint with me LIVE!


Remember that you are a Creator! You were born to envision and create your life from the Heart. Art brings healing and has the power to prophesise the future. What we paint, we manifest! Everyone can paint! Everyone can Dream! 


When: when you book the workshop I will contact you via email to suggest the dates

Where: my art studio in Vikmanshyttan, Dalarna, Sweden

Price: 3333 SEK


Together we will have a beautiful activation, stepping into our power, true light, beauty and destiny and activating the highest path for us. 

Through the activation each of us will receive the highest vision for their path, what they want to create and manifest from their heart, from their True Self.

We will spend time seeing clearly the vision, receiving the vision from our Highest Selves and then moving into manifesting that vision through art!

What we paint comes to existence and manifests!!

I will explain how to translate meanings and symbolism, visions into art, show the basic foundations for painting and hold space for you all the way through!

You will come after the workshop enlivened, enlightened, as a true powerful Creator of your Dreams with a complete painting!


You don't need to have any skills or know how to paint - I will teach you the secret that everyone can paint and you will too! We will activate your intuition and trust, so you can simply flow and create from the heart your truest and deepest desires. 


We will be a small and intimate group co-creating together in a sacred space with the Divine and our Highest Selves the vision of our truest dreams in the countryside surrounded by nature in my beautiful art studio. 


There are only 4 spaces for this workshop. 


Preliminary schedule:

12:45 - Doors Open

13:00 - Guided meditation "Activation of our Highest Vision, Destiny and Path"

14:00 - Visualization, dreaming and manifesting (journaling)

14:30 - "How to translate visions into art using symbolism" talk + FIKA

14:45 - Creating a source for your Dream painting 

15:00 - Painting Your Dream!

17:00 - Celebration and closure


All materials are included. Tea, coffee, vegan fika will be served. 


Cozy safe heartfelt atmosphere and a sacred space are awaiting for you!


You will receive many insights, shifts and a lot in your life will start to shift after this life-changing workshop as well as you will have a beautiful piece of art to put on the wall to gaze every day and connect to your dream!


    3 333,00 krPrice
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